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Brenley’s first time dipping her toes in the waters of teaching was choreographing for the Grand Beach Community Club’s Lip Sync, working with the children for a fundraiser. This was a place that Brenley had spent everyday of her summer growing up and she was thrilled for the opportunity to give back. She discovered her passion as she sat on the floor of the club cutting out and painting a multitude of cardboard instruments at midnight while she simultaneously finished planning out the choreography for the next day.

Brenley has always loved working with children. Even when she was still a kid herself, she wanted to teach and inspire young people to be the best they could be. She has been inspired by so many amazing educators who taught her about the arts while also allowing her to gain skills to apply to other areas of her life. This is an idea that she carries with her whenever she gets an opportunity to work with children. Brenley’s goal as an educator is to teach kids skills they can use on the stage and off, while helping them to find a personal motivation to do what they love.

Since then she has gone on to work with children in the arts from age 5-17, Vocal coaching for Dance Images Madagascar Jr. in 2016, Vincent Massey High School's production of We Will Rock You in 2017, and directing Vagabond Theatre Co. “Acting Up” Camp’s production of When the Circus Comes to Town in 2018.

I can’t believe how much she came out of her shell in a week...front row, chin up & smiling, speaking, dancing and singing for the audience! Great life skills and such a wonderful group of camp counsellors who took all these kids under their wings this week. She got past her discomfort with bright stage lights on her overly watery, sensitive eyes and also her frustration with loud stage music/noise on her hearing aids, and became a beautiful ballerina
— Parent Testimony

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